Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Aussie Curves - Double Take!

This week's theme is right up my alley! I work in not-for-profit so as I do not earn a very high wage when I buy clothes I can't really justify buying items that are not versatile. I love clothes shopping and I get addicted to buying new things both online and in person however I am trying to be a little bit more thoughtful when purchasing something new.

I recently bought a new colour block skirt which I thought would be very versatile unfortunately I have only found one top that it goes with which is disappointing. I actually spent about 20 minutes having a tantrum trying it on with different things and it just does not work! I really wanted to find something that would match for this post but alas nothing and my boyfriend got sick of me swearing from the bedroom in frustration....so I instead went with probably one of my favourite tops ever!

I bought this top probably about a year ago from Myer (Basque Woman) and I honestly love it, I wear it a few times a month to work usually and often forget about it for casual wear but I do love it with jeans/shorts as well. It's probably a bit old fashioned and the pattern is nothing extraordinary but I just  adore the loose fit and neckline I wish I had it in lots of colours and patterns and then I would probably live in them as it looks great tucked in or worn out. I also love that as it is black and white it looks great with pops of colour either in a cardigan or with accessories.

Top: Basque Woman (Myer 2013)
Cardigan/shrug: Jacqui E (2012)
Jeans: City Chic - these are really new and I'm actually not that impressed by them, I find they stretch a lot within a couple of hours and they also seem to fade in strange places?
Necklace: Gifted but I think it was from somewhere like Tree Of Life
Shoes: Somewhere cheap on sale brand is "Venice Beach"
& for a more corporate/work appropriate look...

Skirt: "Liz Jordan" brand I think from Noni B in maybe 2011? I am in desperate need of more pencil/straight skirts can anyone recommend somewhere to get them?? I don't think they are in fashion at the moment...
Shoes: Supersoft - I never wear heels to work as I am always running late to meetings so they would slow me down however I think this outfit would be nice with heels also!
Necklace: Autograph

That's it from me! Can't wait to see what everyone else is posting this week! Need inspiration!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Aussie Curves - New Years Eve

As I get older NYE becomes less of a big deal to me and when I think about it I have never really done anything overly exciting or extraordinary on an NYE anyway. I think one year I may have been in Singapore but that was a long time ago!

As per usual we did not make any set plans for the evening until literally a few days before hand in which we were invited to a friend's new house for a small party of 10. It was a really fun and relaxed BBQ with plenty of hilarious moments that will keep all of us remembering and laughing for the year!

I must admit I did cheat on this post I actually did not get any photos of me on the actual night and I was already wearing this outfit before I headed out to meet a friend for dinner. However I realised I did actually wear this dress NYE 2011/2012 which was spent on the beach at the Gold Coast. So I guess it does still count!

Dress: Target (2011)
Cardigan/Shrug: Autograph (I also have one in black and I wear them all the time!)
Thongs: Haviannas
Belt (barely visible): Portmans
Necklace: Prouds
Watch: Michael Hill

I'm also very excited to have learnt how to make the pictures bigger!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

The year that was - 2013 and the year that will be 2014

I wanted to write a post reflecting on 2013, a tad late of course which is very typical of me.

2013 was an intense year for me if given the opportunity to ramble I know I will go on and on so I figured it would be important for me to follow some sort of structure -


2013 saw me deal with the worst health issues I have ever dealt with. With a history of kidney stones (something I am still dealing with currently and will probably always have to deal with due to limited treatment options) I was dismayed to be diagnosed with gallstones in around April. Why does my body insist on forming this problematic stones that lead to constant discomfort as well as episodes of intense pain? Whilst gallstones and kidney stones are hardly the worst illness one could have I was disappointed in myself, at 26 I am meant to be fit and healthy and here I was discovering I had a condition commonly diagnosed in middle aged women. Gallstones are difficult to treat and can lead to far more sinister issues so I found myself in situation where I was to choose between surgery or live in fear of being struck down by a gallstone attack. I've always been a wuss and whilst I consider myself to have a very high tolerance to pain I opted for surgery. Thankfully after being put on the waiting list I only waited a few months before being booked for surgery followed by an overnight stay at the hospital.

The surgery was meant to be simple and was meant to fix me, the day came and went - I won't lie I was terrified. The night following my surgery was horrible I don't enjoy the weird zombie state pain killers put me in and I felt uncomfortable and miserable in the ward where many others were being sick. I got through it though, unfortunately following the surgery I developed some digestive issues. Later in the year I was diagnosed with IBS, turns out having IBS and no gallbladder can lead to some pretty yucky and occasionally pretty painful symptoms! Thankfully now that I know what is going on in my problematic tum I am preparing to overhaul my diet completely so that I can begin to find some sort of relief. I have always eaten whatever I like, McDonalds? Yes please. Chocolate? Of course! Ice cream? I won't say no! Well those days are gone, I've even found my beloved wine to sit strangely with me now...such a shame.


I started my job in late 2012, so essentially 2013 was my first year in my role. My most difficult role yet...working with vulnerable people has definitely been challenging. I have had days where I have come home and needed to just sit by myself for an hour to digest the day, I've had days where I have bounded home in joy busking in that lovely warm feeling of knowing that I have "helped someone." I have worked with people who suffer from psychotic episodes, anxiety attacks and crippling depression as well as people with autism and cerebral palsy. Having wanted to work in the community sector since being a teenager I always thought that would mean I would be good at it as well. However sometimes I feel that I am at point of burning out, some people work in the sector for 20 years before they burn out, I'm not so sure I will make it that long, I'm not done yet but maybe in 2014 I will be.


2013 threw a few curveballs at me in terms of friendships. I have a solid group of close friends that I have had for a long time, everything was going so well we all were on the same page in life plodding along working and catching up regularly. It turns out 2013 was a big year for a lot of my friends too, this year has seen quite a few of my friends tie the knot, several have had babies and quite a few have made the very grown up step and bought a house. As someone who has always been one to compare myself to others (I know not such a healthy habit) I found the year challenging. I had a bit of an identity crisis when I realised everyone I knew was growing up without me I was torn between pushing myself to keep up and being stubborn and waving goodbye "well fine you want to have a baby and settle down so you can't come out with me anymore then fine see you later! I don't need you anyway!" No no Angie, you can't fight change especially someone else's change, you can't hold people back just because you aren't ready or you haven't reached that time in your life.

2013 really felt unlucky to me and I find it funny that there were times throughout the year where I thought "I can't wait for this year to be over!" Why? The new year may be just as challenging but I am looking forward to 2014 and there are several things I think I would like to try to do this year.

  • I want to become more reliable, in the past I have been described as "flaky and disorganised" it's time to step up, get on top of the house work, reply to messages within a few hours instead of a few days and be on time to things more often!
  • Save money! I've been lucky in life I have never had a lot of debt or a lot of expenses so for that reason I have been careless with money, in particular I have spent too much money on clothes I don't need and cosmetics! This year I would like to incorporate the policy that I only buy new cosmetics when I am completely finished the old ones, why the hell do I have 4 bottles of half used shampoo?!
  • Finally a bit of a goofy one, I want to grow my natural hair colour out. I haven't seen it in 10 years! All over my head that is and I want to see it again I want to see myself with he hair colour I was meant to have. It will be hard though as I'm pretty sure it's a very dull mousey light brown hence why I have dyed it for so long!

Okay so I am exhausted from all the thinking and remembering I have done now, looking forward to a much brighter post at the end of this year!

Friday, 27 December 2013

Aussie Curves - Cocktail

Well it has been a while. I was really excited to start my blog and was starting to enjoy it but then the last few months hit and included moving house, mild health issues, job insecurity issues and then of coarse Christmas to top it all off. However I wanted to get back into it and figured Aussie Curves would be good motivation!

I'm in a huge rush but hopefully my next post will be much longer. I love the dress I used for this week, I have actually only worn it twice as I keep forgetting about it! I've had it a while and was disappointed to find it is actually a bit big for me at the moment as I have been sick and lost a bit of weight due to diet restrictions and malabsorption issues :-\

Oh the dress is actually strapless but I wear it with a bra with tiny straps as I am yet to find a strapless bra that works for me, haven't looked in years so who knows maybe there is one out there to support my bangers..

Dress: City Chic (early 2012)
Shoes: Sandler (in Myer in 2011)
Necklace: Autograph this week!

I would love to get a few close ups but as I said I'm strapped for time which is also why my hair isn't really done and my makeup is just the basics from today. With more time I actually love dressing up and going all out for special cocktail occasions but alas my evening plans are calling....(going fishing so this outfit is hardly appropriate!)

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Aussie Curves - Festivals

Festivals! Ahh I have never been a big festival goer. Living in Canberra, none of the big festivals (or other events really) come here. I have gone to a couple of Big Day Outs and Soundwaves but not for two years and I have also gone to  few smaller local festivals. In all honesty whilst I enjoyed some things about being at festivals like hanging out with my friends, drinking, the food, chilling and listening to music I definitely disliked more things like lining up for drinks/to use the loo or atm, the stinking heat, the sweating and dehydration and the behaviour of some other festival goers. I have not been to one in two years and I actually don't know if I will ever go again!

Most girls at the festivals I went to were usually dressed in as little as possible. My main aim for when getting dressed for a festival was to be comfortable and COOL (as in the temperature!) I actually had a much simpler top planned for this week's outfit but when I was searching for it I came across this nice breezy, loose, colourful top instead!

Top: Virtu (last year or the year before)
Shorts: Jacqui E (last year)
Sunnies: DKNY
Necklace: Virtu/TS 14+
Thongs: Haviannas

Please excuse my pasty white pins and my silly it's-overcast-but-still-kind-of-bright outside squinted expression!

The hot air balloon necklace is one of my absolute favourites!


Saturday, 28 September 2013

Aussie Curves - Tee

Well, one of the main reasons why I started this blog was so I could become involved in the Aussie Curves challenges. I came across Aussie Curves several months ago and have been reading some of the participants' blogs on and off since then. I've wanted to start a blog for a while however as I do not know anything about design, marketing or writing even I always hesitated and pushed the idea out of my mind. However I came to the conclusion that I was only holding myself back and just missing out on what I think would be a great and fun experience for me so here goes.
The theme this week is "Tee." I am definitely not a big a t-shirt wearer, in fact when I racked my brain (and wardrobe) I found that I do not really have many at all except basic cheap ones I bought to clean the house in and wear to the gym (when I actually go!)  I have a pretty big bust and I find for that reason I avoid t-shirt with prints on them because my bust can kind of make them look distorted and unclear.

I did manage to find one though that I do like in fact I like it so much I have it in two colours - white and dark olive green (unfortunately whilst it is one of my favourite colours it does not really suit my complexion!) I bought them at a Calvin Klein Outlet store in Las Vegas almost exactly 2 years ago. I rarely wear jeans and a t-shirt and I have actually never worn this exact outfit. The jeans I think look quite good in the photo when in actual fact they frustrate me a great deal!..They are the stretchy kind that look good and well fitted for oh about an hour before they are baggy everywhere including the waistband so therefore require regular washing which in turn fades the colour, annoying so I rarely wear them.

So without further ado..(is that even the correct expression?)

T-shirt: Calvin Klein (purchased 2011 in the USA)
Jeans: Dream Diva
Thongs: Havianna 
Necklace: Gift from about 6 years ago

Photobombed by our kelpie, he's not camera shy at all!

Ah now to try to figure out to link this to Aussie Curves...see if I can do it without breaking anything!


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The beginning,...

Starting a blog is something I have been meaning to do for such a long time. The idea of putting my personal information, pictures and thoughts online is incredibly daunting to me and basically goes against my personality. I'm highly strung, shy and generally obsessive over how people might judge me so putting  myself out there is not something I would normally do at least without thinking a great deal about it!

I want to challenge myself and as cliché as it sounds I want to do something to shake things up a bit, I'm restricted right now in that I can't just pick up and move to another state, I can't just go on a big trip abroad and I'm frustrated with the routine and my life of work, home, some social stuff, work, home etc. I'm excited to be able to have a hobby as such and to put effort into something that I can be proud of!

As of right now I am home unwell and after watching hours and hours of TV (flicking between Lifestyle You and the Style channels...my favourites!) I was itching to get this show on the road.

So here we go!